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KC Restaurant: About us 

The pleasure of variety on your plate is an experience like no other. Here in KC Restaurant, we want you to have a great dining experience trying out the diverse Asian cuisine available. We have a wide selection of food ready for you such as Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes. Learn more about us by checking out this information below. 

Differences between Western cuisine and Asian food 

KC Restaurant is proud of our diverse range of dishes that will perk your taste buds. We mainly offer Eastern cuisine, particularly Asian food. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of Asian cuisine as compared to Western dishes:

  • Asian food is focused on mixing different flavours such as sweet, salty and sour together as compared to Western cuisine which is particular on savoury or sweet tastes. 
  • The differences in culture between the Eastern and Western parts of the world is shown in their type of dishes made. 
  • Asian cuisine often uses rice as a staple match to every dish as compared to Western food which has other alternatives such as bread and more. 
  • Most Asian dishes use soy sauce, unlike European food which utilizes olive oil instead. 
  • There are more ingredients used in Asian cuisine as compared to Western ones. 

Three main Asian cuisines in KC Restaurant 

KC Restaurant wants our customers to try the delicious flavours that Asian cuisine has to offer. To better understand the different Asian dishes, here is an overview of the distinctions between the three main menus of KC Restaurant: 

  • Chinese food

Chinese food is rich and colourful with a diverse range of flavours that are complementing each other. Each dish has different meanings and purpose to it. Not only is it delicious but it also has all the necessary nutrients that are good for your diet.

Each bite plays with your taste buds which were prepared using multiple cooking methods such as stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming and more. 

  • Japanese food

Rice is the main focus of Japanese food. Usually, the dishes are fried or grilled which is easy to digest and like, even if you are foreign to its taste. Additionally, there are a lot of healthy Japanese meals available which is suitable for those who are conscious of what they eat. 

One of the best features of Japanese cuisine is that it has an umami flavour. This is a distinct taste that can only be found through eating Japanese food. It is created with the use of a few ingredients such as miso, soy sauce, mushrooms, seaweed and more. 

  • Thai food

Thai food is mainly known for maintaining the balance of spicy and sweet flavours. Although there are a lot of spicy variations of Thai dishes, many crave for its unique taste that just leaves your mouth wanting for more. 

With its strong flavours and fresh ingredients, Thai cuisine is one of the top choices when it comes to Asian food. 

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Have a taste of the best Asian cuisines here in KC Restaurant. You can contact us through this number: 999-999-999 for orders and reservations. Our website and social media accounts are also open whenever you wish to reach us. 

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