Must-try Thai dishes

 Best Thai dishes

Thailand has one of the most popular cuisines worldwide. Their delicious rice noodles and spice-laden dishes are flavorful and aromatic. Thousands of foreigners come to Thailand to eat delicious food and it has taken centuries to evolve into what it is today. Thai food is originally derived from Eastern and Western influences such as Portuguese, Spanish, American, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine. It is also traditionally eaten with the hands, while seated on top of woven mats laid out on the floor. 

What makes Thai food so special is the unique flavours and aromatic spices included in the dishes. One taste of a traditional Thai dish can send your taste buds on a journey. Take a look at the best dishes Thailand has to offer: 

  1. Tom Yum Goong
    – Tom Yum is a sour and spicy noodle soup dish that is composed of lime, fish sauce, shallots, chilli, lemongrass, and fresh prawns. Most people immediately identify Tom Yum simply with its strong aroma and enticing flavour that people cannot get enough of.
  2. Pad Thai
    – One of the most traditional street foods in Thailand is Pad Thai, a dish composed of wide rice noodles that are stir-fried with various ingredients. Some of the popular elements include onions, eggs, fish sauce, sugar, peanuts, chilli powder, and some beansprouts to add an extra crunch.
  3. Som Tum
    – For salad lovers, Som Tum is a must-try when visiting Thailand. The exotic dish is mixed with many flavours that unexpectedly complement each other so well. It is composed of chillies, green beans, tomatoes, and raw papaya. The ingredients are tossed together and shredded to create a unique sweet, spicy and sour-flavoured salad.  

Things to do in Pattaya

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Pattaya, Thailand. 

  1. Experience nightlife in Walking Street
    – A 500-meter long street filled with the best shops, restaurants, and bars in Thailand all come together to make one of the best tourist attractions in Pattaya. During the day, the streets are deserted, but they come alive at night with loud music, bright lights, and hordes of tourists.
  2. Visit Nong Nooch tropical garden
    – If you love to see beautiful landscapes, plants, and flowers, Nong Nooch is the place to be. The 2.4 square-kilometre garden is filled with landscaped gardens and rare flowers from all over the world. There is even a collection of 670 species of orchids, as well as an entertaining elephant show.

Cruise down Pattaya’s floating market
– Another one of Pattaya’s attractions is the floating market where you can hire a boatman to take you around and buy items. These kinds of markets can also be seen in other parts of Thailand, but what makes this market special is that the market is split into four sections. These sections symbolize the north, northeast, south, and central regions of Thailand and each section sells items native to those regions.

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