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Eating dessert can always lift your mood. With just a few bites, it can make you feel full and smile in bliss. Moreover, you can enjoy this on whatever occasion. Here are some of the other benefits of enjoying desserts: 

  • Since it is packed with nutrients, it can help prevent stroke and other heart diseases. 
  • It is perfect for making you feel better and more satisfied in life. 
  • A convenient choice to incorporate more fruit into your diet. 
  • You can learn to share and care through eating desserts with your loved ones. 
  • Desserts can give you an energy boost to kickstart your day and improve your overall productivity. 
  • Enjoying various desserts is a good way to unwind and briefly escape from your reality. 
  • It’s the best way to satiate your cravings. 

Whether you are alone, with friends or family, desserts make each dining experience better. Here in KC Restaurant, we do not only provide various main dishes but also have a diverse range of Asian desserts that you can savour. We’ve gathered our popular menu items which are listed below. Check it out! 

Chinese dessert 

Chinese dessert is distinct from the West because of its texture, shape, taste and entire composition. You can even relish this at any time of your meal without having to wait at the end. Here are the delicious treats that you should give a try: 

  • Red Bean Bun 

Red bean bun is a popular sweet variation of a regular steamed bun. It has a red bean paste filling which is delicious and saccharine. These are steamed and can be in many shapes apart from their usual round ones. 

  • Egg tarts 

Egg tarts are bite-sized custard-filled tarts that have a hard yet sweet crust. Best eaten when warm, it has a creamy texture and a delicious taste that is often paired with coffee. 

  • Pumpkin pancake

Pumpkin pancakes are created by mixing the main ingredients such as pumpkin, sugar and flour. This is deep-fried and has a sweet flavour. Also, it is garnished with roasted sesame seeds for extra texture and taste. 

  • Chinese mango pudding 

A smooth and delicious dessert worth trying out is the Chinese mango pudding. It can satisfy your cravings with a combination of mango, sugar and coconut. Resulting in a creamy and rich texture that melts smoothly into your mouth. 

  • Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed cake 

If you are hungry for some cake, you can take a bite of this Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed cake. It is a sponge cake that uses brown sugar as its main ingredient. With its soft and fluffy texture, it is a delight to consume. 

  • Jian Dui 

Jian Dui can also be referred to as Sesame Balls. This is a nutty flavoured dessert that is often paired with any Dim Sum dish. It is made using glutinous flour and has a red bean paste filling. You can also opt for other kinds of fillings, depending on your preference. Although you can find this at any time of the year, these are usually enjoyed during Chinese New Year festivities. 

  • Chinese almond cookies 

A traditional yet famous treat is Chinese almond cookies. Chinese associate this with a coin symbol which is said to bring good fortune. It has a crunchy texture and is rich with an almond taste. This dessert can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter the age. 

Japanese dessert 

Japanese desserts are inspired by many traditional treats at the same time Western influences. Moreover, it uses a lot of native and natural ingredients which makes it stand out from others. Here are the most common ones that you can find: 

  • Parfait

Although parfait was initially from France, the Japanese created their touch to this dessert. A glass of this treats consists of ice cream on a bed of corn flakes with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It is topped with either syrups or fruit jelly. You can also request to include cookies, waffles or bites of sponge cake onto it if you want. 

  • Castella 

Castella is a Japanese sponge cake that is made using eggs, flour and sugar. It has a spongy texture with a sweet taste. Usually, this is served in small slices with elegant plating that is pleasing to the eye. You can enjoy this with a cup of green tea. 

  • Ice cream 

Ice cream is one of the best frozen treats. This soft-serve dessert is a great way to beat the heat and easy to digest. There are plenty of flavours to choose from such as roasted soybean, matcha, vanilla and more. 

  • Coffee Jelly 

Coffee Jelly is called Kohi Zeri in Japanese. It is a classic treat that is jelly flavoured with black coffee or espresso and sugar. This can be eaten with whipped cream, ice cream or sweetened condensed milk. 

  • Taiyaki 

Taiyaki is a red bean-filled cake that is shaped like a fish. A red snapper fish is a sign of good luck for many Japanese. Its taste is similar to a pancake which is sweet and fluffy. Other similar examples are dorayaki and imagawayaki. 

  • Mont Blanc

A special Japanese version of the Mont Blanc is called the monburan. This is a popular dessert which is a sponge cake topped with layers of fresh cream and whipped cream. It is topped with a chestnut purée. With its soft texture and striking appearance, it is a treat worth every bite. 

  • Bocchan Dango 

Bocchan Dango is a popular multi-coloured dessert. It usually has three small balls on a skewer, each one of different colour and flavour. The red one is made from red bean paste, the yellow is prepared with eggs while the green is from green tea. With its chewy and soft texture, you will enjoy every bite of this sweet treat. 

Thai dessert 

The main features of a Thai dessert are its use of many fresh and quality ingredients such as tropical fruits, palm sugar, rice flour and coconut milk. It also has an aromatic smell that will capture your attention before you even take a bite of this delightful treat. These are some of the popular Thai desserts: 

  • Mango sticky rice

A well-known Thai dessert is mango sticky rice. Slices of freshly chilled mangos are put over a plate of steaming sticky rice. As a finishing touch, it is drenched in thick coconut milk. It is a sweet and chewy treat that is healthy for the body. Some of the benefits of eating sticky rice are increasing bone density, improving heart health and more. 

  • Sweet Thai crepe

Sweet Thai crepe is great finger food. With its taco-like appearance, it is an intriguing dessert to try out. It is filled with a meringue which is a thick cream made of egg whites and sugar. Then, it is topped with foy thong which is shredded egg yolk. You can also opt for other sweet or savoury toppings, depending on your preference. This delicious dessert has a soft and juice stuffing which you will love eating. 

  • Thai jelly 

Although Thai jelly may look similar to other jello versions, this differs in its toppings. Usually, this is garnished with shredded coconut. The green coloured squares are made with sugar, coconut milk and flour. It is a sweet and vibrant-looking dessert that can brighten up your day. 

  • Coconut ice cream 

What makes coconut ice cream unique is that it is served with its shell. This is completely made with coconut milk. A refreshing combination of creamy milk-based ice cream and icy sorbet dessert. A taste of it can help you cool off and smile your worries away. 

  • Thai sweet rolled sesame pancakes 

A bright coloured yet unusual dessert is Thai sweet rolled sesame pancakes. It has a soft texture with a slight crunchy flavour because of the sesame seeds. You can find this treat in many varieties of coconut, taro, pandan, corn and more. 

  • Mung bean cake

Mung bean cakes are a popular Thai baked custard dessert. It has many versions which vary on the way the ingredients are being used. Some have little starch, while others are more delicate and flat-like. However, its delicious custard flavour and soft texture remain the same. It has a sweet taste that can be an alternative to other kinds of dishes such as salads and soups. 

  • Coconut rice dumplings 

A cute and delicious dessert is coconut rice dumplings. It is a round-shaped treat that is cooked on hot grills. These are topped with corn or green onions. You can also enjoy it as it is without any garnish. This has a crunchy texture and sweet taste. 

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