Drink menu of KC Restaurant 

Every meal is best complemented with a refreshing drink. It helps you digest your food better and can add flavour to your entire dish. Here in KC Restaurant, we want you to have a great dining experience.

Not only do we have a variety of dishes available for you but also a diverse selection of beverages that you can choose from. See the items in our drink menu that are listed below. 

Non-alcoholic beverages 

There are a lot of non-alcoholic beverages that you can find in KC Restaurant which can complement your chosen meal. Here are some of the crowd favourites: 

  • Salt soda water 

Salt soda water is a refreshing carbonated beverage that is popular in China. It has a touch of lemon and mint added to the sweet water. 

  • Soybean milk

Soybean milk is inspired by a protein shake but uses yellow wheat beans as the main ingredient. A natural and sweet drink that can match any food you eat. 

  • Chrysanthemum tea 

Tea is one of the famous drinks to pair Asian cuisine with. Chrysanthemum tea is a healthy and herbal drink that has a flowery smell. It has various benefits such as sinus relief and cholesterol maintenance. 

  • Mugicha

Another tea-inspired drink is Mugicha. It originates from Japan and uses water infused with roasted barley grains. You can enjoy this in either cold or hot temperatures. Although this uses tea leaves, it has a smooth and nutty flavour with no bitterness. Moreover, this is caffeine-free. 

  • Melon Soda

A soft drink that you can try out is Melon Soda. This has a vibrant green colour which can match well with ice cream to create a melon soda float. A popular beverage that is refreshing and cool which is suitable for summer. 

  • Thai Iced Tea 

Thai Iced Tea is made from tea mix, milk and sugar. This is made by pouring tea over ice and sweetened with sugar. Then, it is topped with evaporated milk. 

Alcoholic beverages 

Aside from non-alcoholic beverages, there are alcoholic drinks that could suit any type of Asian cuisine. These are the following: 

  • Sweet White Wine 

One of the best drinks that can be served with your Thai food is sweet white wine. It has a touch of sweetness that complements well with the spices and herbs in a Thai dish. 

  • Yeasty beers 

Yeasty beers such as Hefeweizen, Witbier and Saison are great to match with your Pad Thai dish. It is a good drink to even out the flavours of Thai food. Another similar drink option is golden Belgian ales. 

  • Riesling 

A go-to wine option by many Chinese is Riesling. It tastes like champagne which balances out the salt, sweetness and spice of Chinese cuisine. 

  • Asahi Super Dry 

Asahi Super Dry is one of the most popular beer brands in Japan. It is a well-known pair of many Japanese dishes. Apart from this, other kinds of beers are also suitable when you are eating Japanese food.